Laboratory Services

Most labs see a specimen.  We see a child who will start kindergarten in the fall.

We never lose sight of the fact that every specimen represents a child. And because we know how important each child is to you, we want you to know they are equally important to us. In fact, we base our reputation on the quality of every test we conduct. And each day, we start building that reputation all over again.

Why Choose Nationwide Children's Laboratory Services?

Many pediatricians have carefully selected Nationwide Children's Laboratory Services as their laboratory of choice for the follow reasons:

  • Pediatric focus: Our laboratory service centers are designed to provide the best pediatric service available. Our phlebotomists are highly skilled at collecting pediatric specimen.  
  • Smaller sample requirements:  Our instruments are geared for smaller sample sizes.  Phlebotomy expertise combined with smaller sample requirements allow for a less traumatic experience for your child.
  • Accuracy:  Our test reports provide your physician with better information on how your child’s results compare to similar aged children.    
  • Knowledge:  MD’s and PhD’s specializing in pediatric care available for consultation with your physician.
  • Convenience: We offer 21 laboratory service centers in Ohio.
  • Insurance:  We are in-network for most insurance companies.

To confirm that Nationwide Children's Hospital is in-network with your insurance plan, please contact your insurance company and provide the following information:

Nationwide Children's Hospital Nationwide Children's Hospital
NPI number:  1134152986 Tax ID number:  314379441



Laboratory Service Centers

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